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Golden Globes to return to NBC



For the 80th anniversary of the awards show, the Golden Globes will officially return to NBC.
The TV network revealed this week that it will resume airing the awards on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.
The Globes have traditionally been held on a Sunday in January, but the first Sunday in 2023 is New Year’s Day; the second is Jan. 8, which is the final day of the NFL’s regular season; and the third is Jan. 15, on which the Critics Choice Awards is airing, so the change to a Tuesday has been made.
Todd Boehly interim CEO of the HFPA since October 2021,
This is seen as a significant victory for Todd Boehly, interim CEO of the HFPA since October 2021, with the Globes’ return to network television, despite the controversy surrounding the organization.