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Tom Cruise set to make history as the first actor to shoot a movie in space



The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman and Tom Cruise are apparently working on a concept for a movie that will reportedly be shot in space.
The project was originally slated for 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic put the project on hold.
According to reports, Cruise is discussing filming at the International Space Station with the Universal Films Entertainment Group.
While films like 2012’s Apogee of Fear and the Cruise-narrated documentary Space Station 3D were shot at the ISS, the actor hopes to make history by becoming the first person to do a space walk.
UFEG chairman Donna Langley stated to BBC News We have a great project in development with Tom … Taking a rocket up to the Space Station and shooting.”
The latest Tom Cruise project news comes following the box office success of Maverick, which last month overtook Black Panther to become the fifth-highest grossing domestic movie of all time.